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bird Names: buttons

Buttons is the number 83 most popular bird name on

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Hi! My name is Buttons. I'm what they call a "normal grey", but I assure you that I am not a normal birdie. My favorite thing to do is hang upside down like a bat. I can stay like that for a long time. I love to snuggle under my mommy's chin while she does homework, watches TV, and eats (sometimes I even steal a taste of what she's eating).
I'm very social and outgoing. I love showing off to people who come to visit. They really like when I whistle and talk to them. Humans are so easy to impress!
Last year, my mommy found another cockatiel in the woods and brought him home. She never even asked me if I wanted a roommate. I guess I'm stuck with Berrie; he's alright I guess once you get to know him. Maybe next time she'll find me a cute girl.