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bird Names: chip

Chip is the number 94 most popular bird name on Is your bird named Chip? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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hi! i'm young and i love pikachu! yea, back where i was i had lots of friends too until one day i thought i'll never see my friends again.........out of nowhere a big,scary hand came to reach me and i started flapping my wings and going crazy. My mommi said i'm special so that's why she chose me. but i was still sad.cHIRP,CHIRP. so as soon as she got me out of the box, i recognized one of my old bestfriends who also got taken away.I WAS SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! I COULDN'T BELEIVE IT! PIKACHU WAS THERE! THE REAL PIKACHU! PIKA!PIKA!PIKA! TO THIS DAY IM STILL HAPY, ACTIVE,SHY,WELL FED, NICE BATHS, GOOD FOOD, AND BEING OUTSIDE IS FUN BUT WORRIES MY MOMMI! I LOVE EVERYONE...EXCEPT THOSE WHO TRY TO EAT ME OR HURT ME:(WAAHHH!