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bird Names: fizzy

Fizzy is the number 100+ most popular bird name on Is your bird named Fizzy? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Fizzy is my first parakeet that I've owned. My mom and I agreed that if I could take care of a parakeet I could get a puppy. Well everything changed when I got him. When I walked in petsmart I saw a whole bunch of green and blue parakeets, and then, there all by himself was Fizzy. Sitting on the stick perch sleeping. He was different from all the others so I picked him, even though really I was gonna get a green one. Also when I got him his name wasn't Fizzy, it was Skye because I thought he was a girl. Well it was actually a boy so I decided to change his name to Fizz. But my mom said she was going to call him Fizzy. And thus his name. Fizzy Skye Rogers. So as time went on I devopled a close bond to Fizzy and changed my mind. Instead of a puppy I wanted to get another parakeet. Well after a year I did and that's when my dad said he liked parakeet because they had wonderful little personalities so he decided he wanted to one too. So I got Oliver and he Chloe.