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bird Names: little+man

Little+man is the number 100+ most popular bird name on

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Little Man

Little Man is new to our flock. He came from a place that was not nice. An individual put over 250 eggs in a commercial incubator. When almost all of them hatched he panicked! He put the new chicks in rooms in an old dilapidated house on his property. The poor things had no place to perch, little water and had to compete for space and food. He says he didn't know that many would actually hatch. Not a stupid person. he just didn't do his homework before he put them in to grow! These little ones have never seen sunshine or felt rain or even had dirt or grass beneath them. They had never been held until I purchased them. They were caught, put into a box and let out into a new place. he was very thin and had a bare bottom. The others had eaten his tail feathers for nutrients. I wish I could have adopted more but I just don't have the room. He and 2 hens are gaining weight and earning my trust. They are slowly starting to come to the door of their pen and letting me stroke their backs. They are Barred Old English Game Birds. They are Bantams ( miniatures). When they arrived they all weighed about a half a pound which is about half the weight they should be. They are all doing much better now. Updated 2/24/12 I am in my new bigger pen! I am really enjoying having dirt under me to scratch in. Mom gave me and my 2 girls some grapes today! They are awesome! I am even letting mom pick me up.She gives the best hugs and loves to let me sit on her shoulder like the other roosters do. I am going to have a long and wonderful home here forever!