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bird Names: margarita

Margarita is the number 100+ most popular bird name on

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Margarita is a gorgeous Scarlet Macaw who came to live with us about 6yrs. ago. I think she was probably misunderstood and possibly mistreated in some ways but allowed too much freedom in another way. She was the only large bird in a whole room of smaller birds and allowed to roam and rule the roost so to speak which wasn't good for anyone. We are her third family and she has acclimated to our rules and boundaries for the most part even though she would like to make up the rules and run the show, we don't let her. She enjoys being outside and is very social and loves to talk. She plays peekaboo with the mirrors and says it any time she is any where near one. She also likes to answer the phone each time it rings with a very big Hello and likes to do her Turkey or Duck impersonations, on cue. Needless to say she is QUITE the character.