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bird Names: peekablue

Peekablue is the number 100+ most popular bird name on

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Peekablue was my grandmother's self named bird. She wanted to name her something with "blue" in the name and told her to chirp when she heard something she liked. She said nothing until my mom, she was just joking, said Peeka and the bird who was silent with every other name decided to chirp at that moment so she became Peekablue. Peekablue didn't like vegeatables but loved her food. She would bite if she wasn't fed fast enough and while her cage was being cleaned. She also really hated baths. The closest she ever came to taking them was sticking her wings in her water dish. I don't really remember when she died. I wasn't really that close to her although I did like her. She once spent a few days in my room when someone was coming to our house that was allergic to birds and I think you can see from the pictures of her in my room that she had fun. This bird was constantly making noise, sometimes she would be chirping and other times, she could fly, she was falling off her perch. My grandmother always called Peekablue a he even though once in a while she laid eggs. Besides being uncoordinated and loud she never really learned to talk although a couple of times she did say stuff but it was rare. Peekablue came from Petsmart and my grandma bought her because she came up to her so my grandma took this to be a sign the bird was smart. She was wrong. The other thing about Peekablue was that the old dog CeJaye hated her and anytime my grandma or anyone else gave her attention he would bark. Peekablue's life story is told in my book: My Pets and Their Lives.