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bird Names: pixie

Pixie is the number 100+ most popular bird name on Is your bird named Pixie? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Cluck cluck! Hellooo pets of Cuteness! My name is Pixie, named because of the fact that I am small (a black bantam Orpington to be precise) and since my humans aquired me after my late roommate Beyonce (may she rest in peace), I am also named after Pixie Lott, a singer that my mum likes very much. I enjoy porridge, mealworms, earthworms and being prepared for a show.
I am very proud of my eggs. Bantam eggs are smallish, but mine are the very best, since they win many prizes for Best Contents at my shows, and I even won a trophy for Best Contents in the WHOLE show! It was a Championship show too!
Though many show birds are mainly for showing, I and my roommates are pets also. The best part of showing is the preperation. A nice warm bath and shampooing in the sink, then a warm blow-dry and Vaseline on my red bits and legs. It's so relaxing. Hope I make lots of new friends here at Cuteness!