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bird Names: romeo

Romeo is the number 100+ most popular bird name on

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My mommy bought me at a pet shop with her mom and grandma, she really wanted a bird so she bought me with her 17th birthday money.I was 25 dollars and i came with a cage,a bag of feed,wings cliped and another parakeet.she was so happy but her mom told her they would pick me up the next day cause they had to go to the mallshe kept asking her mom that she had to pick up me today .so after shopping at marshells, she ran into the bird shop and picked me up.Right away we bonded, but the female parakeet that shared the same cage as me was a few days later we sold her for 10 dollars.after that everyone couldnt keep there hands off of me.I would love to clim up peoples arms and sit no there shoulders.I also loved to bug grandma, i would try to fly over to her and my grandma hated the sound of the wings but she really loved me.The day before i passed away i was trying espace like always,because i loved to explore.the next day my owner went to check on me and i had already pased on.she cryied as she looked at me, she buried me in the now im in heaven with shyann and we are best friends.
nov/25/2010 - march/15/2011