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bird Names: sabastian

Sabastian is the number 100+ most popular bird name on Is your bird named Sabastian? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Sun Conure

Update! My mom finally figured out that I am a GIRL! She never had me DNA tested and I suprised her with an egg on Oct. 6th! Boy was she shocked! I was my mom's 2nd parrot! We have lots of fun snuggling under the covers. I like to get preened by my buddy, Lilly, but only if we're both on moms shoulders. I don't really like playing with him. I have my playgym and he has his. When I get tired and want to go to my cage I make lots of noise to let mom know, she is a very busy mom. I love bird bread, eggs, fruit, sunflower seeds, pellets and some veggies.