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bird Names: seattle

Seattle is the number 100+ most popular bird name on

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I came to live at Gramma Lovey's house when I was 2 and have been here 12 yrs. I am getting up in age and my wing feathers are showing it but I am as verbal as ever. I love the Green Bay Packers and yell Go Packers all the time. Other things I say in Human language are my name Seattle, Momma's pretty birdie boy, commeer, Go Pack birdie bird, puppy girl, I wolf whistle ALOT, I sneeze when mom blows her nose and giggle when she kisses my belly. I Love to be part of the conversation and do not like to be left out. Maggie the Schnauzer was my bestest friend but she passed at the age of 13 last Christmas. We were Very Sad but now Boona Boo had come to live with us and he like me even more than Maggie did!