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bird Names: tiger

Tiger is the number 100+ most popular bird name on

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BAWK BAWK BAWK! Hello, My name's Tiger and I am a very proud mommy. Here's my story:

Every night, I sleep on the window sill in the chicken house. One night my owner went to check on me, and I wasn't there. She was very worried. I am a bit of a rebel, so everyday I fly out of the chicken pen and go catch the bugs outside. But we have coyotes in our bush, so my owner started crying thinking that I was attacked. But she eventually found me. I decided to lay a bunch of eggs in the neighbor's dog house. My owner was so happy to find me. I layed 21 eggs in the dog house, and I sat on them for about a month, trying to hatch them. God blessed me with one beautiful girl. My owner named her "Miracle" because she said that she truly was a Miracle from God.

My baby grew very very fast. She started off as a yellow chick, but now she is a beautiful white hen. She takes after her daddy's color. Sadly, my husband died a few months ago. We both miss him very much.

I can't believe how fast my baby grew! She's now as big as me!!! Every night, we sleep up near the ceiling of the shed, We like to perch up there. :)

THINGS I LOVE: bugs, meat, baby chick food, having dirt baths
THINGS I HATE: hawks, coyotes, dogs who scare me