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bird Names: treacle

Treacle is the number 100+ most popular bird name on

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I am Treacle, my human's first hen, and I've been through quite a lot in my life, but now I can rest in peace.
My human adopted me and my friend Honey on 29th April 2008, when we were six weeks old. I am a Black Rock crossed with a Rhode Island Red; a Miss Pepperpot crossbred, and Honey was a Light Sussex crossed with a Rhode Island Red; a Gingernut Ranger crossbred. I still remember that day. Honey and I had only just met, but we became great friends. We went to our first small poultry show in the following August, and the August after that in the Children's Pet Bird class, and I won 1st and Honey 2nd. I still do several shows a year now, and have even won a trophy at a championship show for Best Crossbred!
However, poor Honey is not with me anymore. She suffered a kidney infection in early 2010, and was quite ill for a while, on medicine and kept in the vets overnight. But sadly, just as she was starting to get better, a fox caught and mauled her on 29th January 2010 in our own very garden, and carried her off. It would have killed me too, but luckily I hid in a bush, and was saved. I witness Honey's horrific attack. It was awful, and I will never forget seeing my best friend killed. My humans found her body, and had her cremated. I will never forget you Honey, RIP. A couple of months later, my friend Beyonce was adopted, and then in September 2010, my other friend Pixie was too. You can see them both right here at Cuteness, though Beyonce has now passed on. She had an untimely death, but she will always be remembered.
I went up to the Rainbow Fields on 14th October 2011, so I am now reunited with Beyonce and Honey. As a hybrid, my time was short, and I also suffered my undiscovered cancer in the last few days of my life. I died at the vets in the night, before any more tests could be done.
I'm glad I lived such a good, happy life, though it had it's ups and downs. Please remember me my friends.