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bird Names: willow

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Willow is a house goose that has the ability to alert me when my glucose levels drop to dangerous levels. She's been an asset to my life, and is very affectionate and cuddly. Her breed is Tufted Roman, and her mother was actually imported from Italy.

January 29th, 2010, I just had my heart ripped out today, when my baby died just short of her third birthday. As a gosling, she broke a bit of her beak, and lost a great deal of blood. I think this is what had lead to her to become anemic. I had always thought that her paleness was just a trait of the Tufted Roman; but apparently, I was wrong.

I did all I could to save her, including going out in a blizzard to get tubing to force feed her. I feel like a failure. She saved my life on countless occassions, and I was unable to save her. Willow can never be replaced,

It turns out that the anemia was due to a problem with egg production and I did treat Willow. There was nothing else that could have been done for her. I have studied ornathology and avian medicine for many years prior to getting her. The only thing that could have been done that I couldn't have done, is given her a blood transfusion. But where would I have gotten a healthy goose to donate it's blood? There's no way I'd use a wild goose, as they're protected, and carry many diseases. There are no domestic - pet geese in my area that could have donated. So I really did all there was to do.

From Willow:

Mommy still has a hard time reading posts to me on here. I miss giving her hugs and kisses and telling her that I love her. I could actually say the words: Hi, love, it, and I would giggle like Ernie on Sesame Street. Even when I did things that would normally get me in trouble, all I had to do is say the few words I could say, or giggle, and Mommy couldn't stay mad.