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cat Breed: havana+brown

Havana+brown is the number 100+ most popular cat breed on

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Havana Brown

friend found me in under fender of truck and bought me to my new mommy.
dual brown/black in color.maybe Havana?I am a scaredy cat. my mom first got me I jumped out of the box and ran.I still run from everyone,but I am getting used to people.sometimes I let people pick me up.

Havana Brown

might be Havana Cat? Look black in the pictures,but I have a brown color to me when the light is on got me from the flea market. someone told her they had tuxs cats up,but she only found is so glad she took me home.she said I am the sweetest cat in the house.also the quietest.I sound like a little kitten when I meow with my squeaky sound.Mom wasn't sure if I was spaded or not,but now she think I wasn't.I might be having not sure yet.The lady that mom got me from couldn't speak had to ask someone to speak to she forgot to ask that question.