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cat Breed: longhair

Longhair is the number 64 most popular cat breed on

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Mew! Mew! My name is Chloe (or Chlo-Chlo, or Chloemonster), and I am a rescued girl that was adopted by my mommy in 2006. Before I lived with mommy, I lived with 4 pitbulls and 3 ferrets who were my best friends. I even played and acted like my ferret friends for my first year until I grew out of it. I am a beautiful flame tip, long hair siamese with beautiful blue eyes.

I love to cuddle with mommy and daddy or sleep under their feet when they are working on very important business. I try to stay quiet, but my purrs are so loud, they know I am here at all times! I just love them so much, I follow them all around the house to check out what they are up to!

I especially love when guests come over with big purses and bags that I like to squish my luscious 18lbs of cuteness into. And if you're wearing black pants or a black t-shirt it won't look like it when I am done loving on you. Purr!

I love my little sister, Lucy and when she came home I thought she was my baby so I would carry her around and keep her clean and warm. She is my best friend even though she is a little shy. But not me! I make myself known to everyone!


Rescued kitty --- long haired orange and gray tiger mix.


Absolutely Adorable, playful, personable loving boy! Little devil as well!!!


Grey and white, blue eyes