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cat Breed: torby

Torby is the number 69 most popular cat breed on Do you have a Torby? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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I am a shy, round, fluffy baby. Mom and Dad rescued me from a parking lot on a cold December night when I was just a month old. My favorite food is tuna, but salmon is great too! I love chasing feathers on a string and napping on the pillows on the couch. My nicknames are Fluff, Fluffy and Fluffkins.


Goddard is a lovable cat that was abandoned at an early age and is still a bit nervous around people. He does love to lay down by me and chum around the apartment with me. He is my little buddy bubba boy!

Aria Allegra

Yes, my Mommy paints portraits of cats (hence the illustration of me under the moonlight). I'm not a spam cat, so I'm not going to give out Mommy's web address unless you ask.