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cat Names: 2+mikaela

2+mikaela is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named 2+mikaela? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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2 Mikaela

she was rehomed three times once in jan 2012 got back oct 28th 2012 rehomed again march 28th 2013 got back april 19th 2013 and got pregnant rehomed had babys jun 9th rehomed again march 4th 2014 got back april 21 2014 got pregnant :/
last updated 1/20/2016
my kittens I had
Litter 1 birth date 9/17/11
Jazmine Bate <rehomed
Thumper Buster <rehomed
Yoohoo <passed away oct 11 2011
Marty Michael <still have

litter 2 birth date 6/9/13
Blaziken Leaigh <missing
Kroger Maeiey <rehomed
Orion Nebula <rehomed
Triton Toshi <missing
Michael Andrew <missing

3rd litter 04/26/2014
Stefan Pilgrim
Isabelle Bee aka Izzy Bee < rehomed
Aden Hargett < rehomed
Faith Hope < rehomed
Unnamed cat <paased shortly after birth

4th litter born july 2015
Gantu female RIP nov 15th 2015
Dewey Male
Jackson Female Rehomed