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cat Names: adrik

Adrik is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Adrik? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Maine Coon

Adrik is Daegus's brother and was adopted after I recieved a call that his adoptive parents decided they didn't like him and returned him to the vet after two weeks. My vet called me and asked if I could foster him, because I told them when I adopted Daegus that if either of the other two kittens were left to call me and I would foster them so they wouldn't have to stay cooped up in a cage. I noticed immediatly when I brought him home that something wasn't quite right with him from the first time I met him. He was more out going then and wasn't worried about anything not even when they swepted the exam room while I was playing with him and his brothers. It didn't take long for me to realize he was abused by his other adoptive parents. He's now terrafied of a broom and will sometimes flinch and pull away when I reach to pet him, at least until I talk to him then he plasters himself against my legs for reasurance. He's really sweet and I think with a bit more time I can even get him to trust the broom again. If you look close you can see that he is really a black Tabby and does have a beautifully stiped coat. He is a liitle shy still, but really loveable and likes to sleep on his back. He is a rascal that loves to entertwine about my legs and he never has to worry about bad humans again. When I figured out he'd been abused I called the vet and told them to burn his adoption flyers, because he's got a home with me. 7 isn't really that much harder than 6 to take care of.

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