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cat Names: al

Al is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

My people volunteer with a cat rescue group - I was in the shelter area for many months waiting to get adopted. I'm a sweet and fun cat, and I'm great with kids, but I just couldn't find a family. Anyway, my people loved me so much that they just couldn't let me wait for another family any longer, and they brought me home with them. Now I have two people and two brothers, and I'm so happy to finally be home!

My new brothers Rusty and George are my buddies - we all love to play and to nap. Oh, and we all love Whiskas Temptations treats - they are magically delicious. I love to play and run - my people say I'm keeping my brothers on their toes.

I love people SO much. I follow the people around the house, and jump up and sit with them whenever possible. I am truly a sweet cat with a great, full body purr.

I love feather toys, especially the feather on a string toys. I go crazy for them and jump impossibly high. I also love to watch the birds and squirrels outside.