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cat Names: alex

Alex is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Blue Russian
Domestic Shorthair
Tiger Cat

I am Alex, a 1 year old gray tiger boy. My new mommy found me on the street scared an half starved about a month ago. I am now a happy boy! I have put on a couple of pounds and am no longer hungry all the time. I have two new sisters, Ginger, who is 4 and a bit cranky and Spicey, who is 1-1/2 and loves to play with me. We like to wrestle and run through the house. We all get along very well and we sleep together on mommy's bed. Mommy gives us treats each night before the lights go out and then I take a nap with mommy before I get up and start tearing through the house. I am very happy here.