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cat Names: amos

Amos is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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American Shorthair
Domestic Shorthair

I have a twin sister - but she doesn't live with me. I love my tree. It's so pitiful looking now, but I don't care. It got that way because of LOVE. I chirp. And play. And talk. And play. And chirp a whole lot more. I've got something to say, all the time. My mom has a giant plush panther...That's my girlfriend. :) I've never bit or scratched anyone on purpose. I've never even hissed! I'm alright with dogs, but for the most part - I prefer other kitties. I'm a super nice guy, who makes friends with everyone! I prrromise.

I love Ice Tea. Especially when it's in my mum's glass. I love it when she shares with me. Even when I make her. haha. I love to play hide & go seek. We should play sometime, just don't take my spot behind the open door, ok? That's my favorite spot.

Closed doors make me mad. Even when they don't lead to anything interesting.