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cat Names: amulet

Amulet is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

I was brought to the Vet Hospital that my mom used to work at when I was 5 weeks old. The people claimed to have found me in their neighborhood but when they had tons of toys and food, mommy didn't believe them. The vet normally doesn't take in healthy pets and she had already talked to every shelter that day and each one told her they were full! She took one look at my beautiful face and knowing if she said no, my fate was sealed. So she took me home with her!!!

I got my name from the heart shaped "amulet" on my leg. I have had a sad life filled with several sibling losses. Mr. my older brother of only 2 yrs old passed unexpectedly, my older sister Diamond ran away never to be found again and just recently our precious Edward Scissor Paws of merely 8 yrs old passed unexpectedly as well!

Our hearts are heavy but I decided to stop being my snooty self and give out my love, well at least to mommy, as for Jack Daniels, my younger sibling, he is fun to torture! I also love my doggy brother, Samson. That's me plain and simple! Meow