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cat Names: aslain

Aslain is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Aslain? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Maine Coon

About me, my mom name me after the lion from Narnia....Aslain...she calls me the great lion since I do hace a main but she also calls me her cotton ball b/c I am white n soft like she would say. I'm playful and yet gentle, my mom combs me twice a week b/c I have the longest hair n I shed more. I lke to sit out on the balcony either by myself or with my brother Tiger n w/mom. The little guys are still young and need to learn to stay out on the balcony, they r more curious, my mom keeps an eye on us b/c there are facons/hawks flying around and she make sure that none of those birds of prey grab us. When my mom comes home from work or shopping we all run to her lol when she brings in grocery we snoop in the bags, believe it or not I like lettuce lolol the lil ones like bread lolol Tiger well, he's funny sometimes he like some gruits or vegies but he like more meat. Where ever our mom is we are there, she luv us all equally n she make sure that none gets jealous.