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cat Names: baaboo

Baaboo is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Hi everyone, I'm Smiley's brother and mom's only other foster kitten she kept. All our surviving sibs and our mom have now been placed in very good homes. I was a very sick kitten when mom pulled our mom and my sibs from the shelter where we were all scheduled to be put to sleep the next day. Mom took us to the vet and got us medicine, but our mom was malnourished and didn't have enough milk for everyone so mom put me and my three smallest, weakest sisters on a bottle with special kitty vitamins and kyro syrup for energy. My sisters didn't make it unfortunately even though mom tried hard, but I pulled through and stole mom's heart so she kept me too, isn't that great! Daegus, Adrik, my brother Smiley and Tristan are my favorite playmates and Myst is my favorite sleep partner (or I should say pillow, hehe) I'm very pleased to meet everyone. Oh I got my name cause mom was listening to one of Sherilyn Kenyon's books where a character kept calling her son "baby boo" while she was bottle feeding me, and mom started calling me Baby Boo, then it got shortened to Baaboo, mol.