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cat Names: baloo

Baloo is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Baloo? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Very tiny petite kitty. She is my baby and she thinks she runs the house. She has been diagnosed with feline lukemia but has a healthy life. <3 my kitty

Domestic Shorthair

This guy is house king. He patrols and protects, I absolutely love him, he is a very special kitty. He likes to snuggle at night once you're settled in bed. He wakes you up in the morning by rubbing his nose all over your face. He loves soft plush blankets, he plays in the covers of your bed. He brings you gifts, items that his favorite person has touched and he can carry. Baloo is a fixed 9 years old male, lets you clips his nails and does what he's supposed to. He has never had any bad habits, and is very loyal.


The best Kitty ever. I am just a big bundle of fur and love. I love my human brother's and sisters as much as my fur ones. I like to lay around the floor on back with all fours up. I dont like to drink out of my water dish so my Mom has to run the bathroom sink for me to get a drink. I like to sleep in the bath tub cause its cool and wet. I am just a big love.

Exotic Shorthair

I have two priorities: Food and cuddles. First cuddle than food. No, wait. First food than cuddle. No...
Cuddling includes pressing my nose against yours as long and as strong as I can.
Anyway I spend my day on my back waiting to get my belly rubbed. When I'm awake I sit in the window and watch the birds.
I don't know how to meow. It's always a keow. Heck, I'm a Kat who gets what he wants.
I know exactly where the kibble is stored - in fact I show the way.
I am very sensitive. I need a lot of attention and I am jealous.
I don't know how to be a mean cat. I am wondering what the claws are for.

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