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cat Names: bear

Bear is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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This is Bear. I've had her before she was even thought of. She's a very sweet and lovable cat. She likes to wake me up in the morning by pawing at my face or meowing....bringing me her stuffed rat/mouse. She's a talkative cat. She's my baby, follows me around, stares at me all the time. I love her :) She's my fur baby! She also has a sister named Kallie...She kind of stays away from her..Ms. Kallie thinks shes the queen of the house.


Bear was another one of our cat rescues. It was Bear, his brother Tiger and their mother Iris.
Bear had surgery on his right eye at 4 months old. His inner eyelid was not working properly and was scratching his eye ball. He came home with one of those lovely cones on his head and he hated it. His brother would wash his face after meals as he could not do it himself. It was so cute to watch. He is my big milk begger...he HAS to drink the last few drops of milk out of my glass every morning. He will sit and just wait for the OK and up he comes.


My mom adopted me and my sister, Jezebel, when we were 5 weeks old. I enjoy eating lots of food and cat treats, sitting in front of the window fan, smelling shoes, and playing with my binky (string). I hate bees, being brushed, and tangles in my fur. I'm a very sweet kitty with a cute nubbin for a tail!

American Longhair

Hi! I hope you will take time to read my story, and visit my roommates also.

I'm the Alpha male in this family & sometimes I have to remind my roommates of that fact. But mostly I'm a lover not a fighter. I adore my human and she loves us all.

HERE IS MY STORY: I was rescued by Miss Robin on a rainy, chilly day in October of 2000.
I was born in Brunswick, GA. My birth mom was a beautiful long hair calico and my sister looked just like her. There were some mean teenage boys in my neck of the woods and they shot me and my sister and my mom with B-B guns. :'(
A nice man found us a few days later, but it was too late for my poor mom and my sister - they died from infection. :-(...
This man brought me to a kind lady he knew named Miss Robin. He knew she loved to help animals - - She took me to a vet who helped me recover. The vet told her I was lucky and that I was only 3 or 4 months old as best as he could tell - so we celebrate my birthday on June 1st. My rescue anniversary is celebrated the first week in October.

Miss Robin still has some of the B-B's in a jar that came out of me to remind her to say a prayer everyday for other animals that are abused and unloved.

I am a very kind and loving cat despite my early experience with humans. But I am very afraid of thunder, and I hate the fire crackers on the 4th of July. Loud popping noises bring back bad memories and I run and hide until the noise is gone.

I got the name Bear because Miss Robin thought I looked like a tiny, fuzzy Panda Bear when she first saw me.
I like to snuggle and have my chin scratched. I also like it when Miss Robin brushes my long fur.
Well that's enough about me - I hope you will visit Ambrose, and Daisy Mae's page when you get a chance.

**P.S.: When I give a cute point I also give one to that pet's roommates also.

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Domestic Shorthair

Hi my name is Bear, I am a domestic shorthair black cat with beautiful bed room eyes. I am quite the ladies man and enjoy the women. I have two sisters, and a great Mom. I love to cuddle and I purr very loudly, come visit my site.