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cat Names: beau

Beau is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Beau? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Beau is the other kitten that I adopted when I adopted Tye. Beau was the first one that I picked out. They called him Inky, but I had my heart set on a masculine boy named Beau.

When the lady asked me what I was looking for my only stipulation was that they be boys this time. She went directly to where Beau was and asked if I cared if it was a black cat. I told her "no". Apparently it's hard to adopt out black cats because of superstitious people. Personally I think there's something mysterious and beautiful about them. So, she pulled him out and handed him to me. After a few minutes he looked at me and gave me a big muzzle kiss. I made up my mind then to keep him, he was my Beau.

The passed two years he's been the healthier of the two till recently. He's what the vet calls a "swallower". He'll eat anything he can fit in his mouth, and he managed to finally swallow something that he couldn't throw back up. He had emergency surgery to remove the items. They actually had to cut his stomache open and his intenstines in 3 different places to get all of the stuff he ate.

His recovery started out slowly. He initially had to stay for the weekend, then if he ate well on Monday he could come home. Well, he wasn't eating, and the antibiotic wasn't doing the job, so his wound was still fresh. It took a week of visiting him whenever I could to raise his spirits to get him to finally eat so he could come home.

He had to stay confined until all his medications were done, and his wound was healed. Then we had to plan for accomodations to confine him when unsupervised, because no matter how careful you are, cats with this disorder will find something to eat. Everyone I've read about on the topic suggest crating the cat like I would my dog. So, we have a nice BIG cat cage we're going to put by a perch we put in a window. He can look out at the yard and be close to the other two cats as well. It's an adjustment, but it's worth it. He's one of the most loyal and affectionate cats I've had.