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cat Names: bellocchio

Bellocchio is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Bell'Occhio - Ochie for short - is a cute as hell one eyed ball of fury and love. He's supposed to be my design assistant, but he never seems to deliver on the code. He always lays down on the job. He loves sliding around on hardwood floors and playing with a piece of plastic instead of his expensive mouse toys. He cries if I ever leave his sight - he's a big baby.

From Ochie: Some people want to know why I am missing an eye. All I can say is that my foster parents did not take very good care of me and my siblings. I had an eye infection that went untreated and so did my sister. We both lost an eye as a result. I was itty bitty when that happened though and I barely remember. I get around just fine...who needs two eyes anyway! My mommy rescued me from the bad foster people and now I have a wonderful home where I can torture the older gals Zoey and Zeke (both 11 years old).