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cat Names: boodles

Boodles is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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I couldn't decide on a name, and went through nearly a dozen nicknames before I started calling him Kitten Caboodle (as in the whole kit and caboodle) which quickly became Boodles, now Boo. He and two others were born to a feral cat behind my apartment complex, which no one noticed until they were old enough to be running around the parking lot playing and looking for food. I was waiting for the only no-kill shelter in the area to let me know when they could take the little family, and in the meantime I was feeding them late at night when there was no one around to scare them off. One night I noticed one off the kittens seemed sick, so I scooped him up and took him home - which made it soooooo much harder to catch the rest of them later. I never meant to keep him forever, I was working my way through college and had no money, plus I wasn't suposed to have more that one pet in my place, and between my roommate and I we already had two, but by the time Boo was healthy I couldn't stand to give him up.