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cat Names: boomer

Boomer is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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American Shorthair

As a very young kitten Boomer was living at a convenience store, on a very busy corner. A friend told me about him and I began taking food to him but he would rather starve than eat with me nearby. Each day I took food and sometimes was lucky enough to watch him eat. I told all of the guys who worked in the store that if they caught him to call me so they kept my number.
Early one morning one of them called. He had caught the kitten! When I showed up with my carrier, he showed me how he'd caught Boom. It was like a cartoon! He must have been bored to death!
He had propped up a box with a stick, tied a string to the stick and run the string into the store. He put a can of tuna under the box and waited. When Boomer took the bait —he pulled the string and caught him!
After a day at the vet, getting checked out and getting his shots, Boomer came home and was put in my spare bedroom. He stayed there and slept and ate for about 2 weeks and then decided it was time to come out. He came out and acted like he was the most socialized kitten in the world! I think he knew he'd found his special person and I would take care of him. We've been partners for 18 years this summer. He's been with me thru my parents deaths, losses of relationships, sickness, the adoption of other kitties (and dogs), his own bout with diabetes, and he's taken it all in stride.
Boomer is without a doubt the most laid back, coolest, most loving cat I've ever met. I will love this boy forever!


Boomer who also answers to Boom, Boomie, Big B and Ms. B, adopted her family after she found herself on the back stoop as a hungry kitten. She is incredibly loving and talkative, especially when she thinks there is a trip to the chuck wagon coming. She's very social when she gets to know you but she can be a little shy with strangers. She loves to play with her toys, the laser pointer is her favorite.