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cat Names: breezie

Breezie is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

I was found on the street by some people at a vet tech school. They took me to their kennel, where they poked me with needles, and squirted something on my back! It was terrifying. Even worse was when they put me in the bigger room with all those other cats. And the PEOPLE! There were so many humans, all day long. They tried to touch me and take me out of my box, but I just stayed in a little ball and glared. It worked, because most people became afraid to try and touch me. Then this one lady started coming by every day. At first she just sat and talked to me, sometimes singing a calm song. Then she pet me. Eventually I let her take me out. The more I saw her, the more I trusted her. She never hurt me, and never yelled at me. Then I started to LIKE her even! I got excited when it was time for her to come! One day, she took me to her house for a weekend. That was scary being in a new place, but she was there to sing me that song and hold me. I had to go back to the school, but a few months later she took me to her house again. This time was not so scary. I even started liking Zeus a little. After a week I realised that I wasn't going back to the school. This lady decided to keep me and be my mommy! Now we live somewhere else, but my family is still the same. I still get nervous about new people and places, but I have finally opened up completely to my mom. You'd never know how shy I used to be!