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cat Names: cassie

Cassie is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Diluted Calico

Welcome to my page! I have been here for a while, but, somehow, mommy thinks a hacker, me and my brothers and sisters got deleted and we have to start all over.
I am a diluted calico with a unique ear and tail.
I just wondered up to my mommy’s back yard one day. When she saw me she said, “What are you doing” and I replied in a very soft tone, “meow”. She started feeding me and fixed up a really nice place to sleep outside. Then nature came into the picture and I went in heat. Mommy did not want any kittens and I was really annoying during that time. So she took me to the vet to get spayed. Well, after I got spayed I couldn’t go outside for a few days, tehe. Now I live in the house and get to go outside to sun bath and hunt anytime I want. I try to bring mommy “presents”, but, she scoops them up and throw them in the woods.
I try to rub on April, she looks at me like I’m silly. Big Guy will let me rub on him and gives me a good sniff.

Mommy loves to pray for us and would love to pray for you too. She set up the “Hope” page for prayer requests and praise reports. There are some mighty prayer warriors on this site