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cat Names: chaucer

Chaucer is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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My momma and Grams thought I was a boy at first but discovered I was a girl about a week later. The name Chausser still seemed to fit me so they kept it!
My momma and grandma found me in the shed in the back yard when I was about 5 or 6 weeks old. I was super tiny and had a very bad infection in one of my eyes. Even the vet thought I might even loose my eye. But with very good care by my grandma, I see very well.
Then one day my boy ( then 3) opened the bedroom door and Neptune the Bouvier Des Flounders, got so excited to see a baby kitty, he grabbed me by the head and threw me in the air. See, when he was a puppy, he had a cat (Chamerlain) that he loved very much but Chamberlain ran away during a move and Neptune went about a year without seeing a kitty up close and did not relize that he grew up so big and strong.
Obviously I survived the attack but my grandma thought I would die. She sat up with me almost all night, wrapped me up in a towel and held me close. Neptune cracked my skull and I still have a bump on top of my head where my skull did not heal even. It took me about 7 weeks to walk a straight line, but I did it.
I act a little older than 7. Sometimes, now that I am older, I am not sure where exactly I am.....momma says it might be brain damage from my accident as a baby.
I have 2 dogs now. Denali and I are good friends and Chaos scares me often but he is just a youngster.....he is okay though........................... for a dog.