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cat Names: chelsey

Chelsey is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Well my goodness it's about time mom got me on here too! My former roomies got to be here long time ago. I do have a photo with Mork...I called him Morkie, but mom never got around to getting me on here. Well I am a Senior now and have been around with mom in about 5 homes. But I've been very good and never ran away.
I was born out in the country to my stray mommy, that some good people would feed and gave her a place outside to stay out of the bad weather. I came to my human moms home when the good lady asked my new mom-to-be if she could have another kitty. She had 3 already! But when she came to see me and my siblings when we were about 6 months old, the lady picked me up and said.." I think this one is the sweetest and cutest!" She took one look in my beautiful blue eyes, pet me and then it was love at first sight!
My first home was kind of a farm house, there was mom, her husband, and 3 other kitty roomies!
One thing I would do there is run around the kitchen when she was in there and get in her way and almost get stepped on!
Then she would pick me up and let me hang out on her shoulder while she did things all around the house.
One time I really surprised her in the kitchen when I was playing with her shoes, she looked down to get me but I was suddenly GONE! Then a minute later I appeared again! Mom is wondering where I'd gone. So another day, I did that
hide and seek game again. But right when I was looking up at her she saw me! I was inside the cupboard that had a small hole and I poked my little face out from under there and then hid again! I heard mommy laugh so hard...calling me a very silly kitty. I loved to play that game every time I could!
I'm going to go for now, but mom will write some more later.