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cat Names: chevy

Chevy is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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American Shorthair

Chevy is a beautiful white shorthair that I rescued from the humane society. He is one of the most loving cats I've ever had. He is always doing such cute things to melt my heart and get treats!


We adopted Chevy in Spring 2008 from a family whose son had developed allergies. I was on our local Freecycle site looking for office furniture and supplies when I saw their post about looking for a home for him. They were heartbroken about giving him up. The couple got him when he was a kitten and had him for 7 years. But their 4 yr old special needs son became extremely allergic. They thought they'd found a home for him once already but apparently the people never showed up. Maybe that's because he was meant to be with our family. :)

Chevy (pronounced like the actor, Chevy Chase, not the car) is very well-behaved. He has a very unusual meow, almost like he's got a sore throat.

He's very smart too. We taught him how to sit when he wants a treat.

He's not much of a cuddler. He's very laid back and doesn't play much either unless I bring in a crunchy, dried leaf from the front yard or whip out the red laser light toy. Then his inner kitten comes out!

We've kinda spoiled him a bit. He gets 2 cans of food every day along with his dry food. He's very picky, preferring chicken and beef over seafood.