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cat Names: choco

Choco is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Choco is a spunky and odd little child who came to me when he was about 6 weeks old. A family member was no longer able to keep him so I offered to bring him into the shelter. The problem was that Choco had a bad upper respiratory infection and being that I used to work for the animal shelter I didn't want to bring him in there with such a horrible cold. I was just supposed to keep him until he was well but by that time it was all over and there was no bringing him in. He's been mine ever since and I couldn't love him more. I've loved all my animals but he is by far the sweetest and coolest cat I've ever known. He loves people, he lets my 2 year old niece do whatever she wants to him, he comes 75% of the time that I call him (what cat does that?) and he sleeps in my arms like a baby, sometimes all night. Call me prejudice but I never thought that a cat with just one color could be so cute....he has proved me completely wrong. Oh, and he is one color, all black, but when he lays in the sunshine, like cats so love to do, you can see his stripes. He's an indoor kitty but takes every chance he can get to run out the door, he wants to be a tomcat. I must praise my older cat, Cinni, though, because she has to put up with his rowdy behind when all she wants to do is relax. She tolerates him as best as she can. He's growing bigger by the day because he wants to eat everything, bugs included, and he's the only cat I've ever known that I can have a conversation with. When I meow at him he meows back, he likes to pull my glasses off of my face, bite my toes when he wants out of the bedroom, and he loves to jump up and down the side of the door frames. I could go on and on but I think that's enough about my little (or large) rag doll baby boy!