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cat Names: chumley

Chumley is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Exotic Shorthair

~Commodore Chumley enjoys: belly rubs, arm pit scratches, hanging out in shoe boxes, taking naps, eating Boar's Head turkey slices, organic plums, & BUMBLE BEE Prime Fillet Solid White Albacore canned tuna, chasing insects, playing with cardboard boxes, paper bags, & batting at shiny things. He also likes being cradled like a baby, licking people, himself, and various found objects, showing humans how fast he is, & lastly hanging his backside out of the kitty litter box and pissing all over the floor (& then laughing at his owners). Oh, and Q-tips, Chumley loves Q-tips.

~Commodore Chumley dislikes: the outdoors, loud noises, being alone, not getting fed on time, the vacuum cleaner, getting his eye boogers wiped, the crazy lady next door, & bath time :( .

Aliases: Chumley Bear, Cuddle Bear, Chums, Chimley, Chumster, Poo-Bear, Stink-Pod, Jelly Bean, The Friendly Cat of Love, & P-Paws...
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