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cat Names: clawdia

Clawdia is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Longhair

Clawdia was found as a stray, so I don't know her birthdate, but I will never forget the year, because it was during the Obama election! We had a group of German students at our university and they were all rooting for Obama! Driving home after an event at my friend's house, I saw a very thin, bedraggled kitty trotting bravely down the sie of the road; I thought about stopping but didn't. Later that evening my friend called me to say she had found a stray cat, so I figured it was meant to be.
Clawdia is very vocal and affectionate, but on her terms (she IS a cat)!. Sometimes she sleeps with me, if she wants to, but she isn't a lap cat and doesn't like to be held for more than about 30 seconds. She will roll on her back and let you scratch her tummy forever, though! She sits up to beg for her canned food!