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cat Names: cosmo

Cosmo is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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American Shorthair

Hi, Im Cosmo and I am a cat. I am going to tell you my real story because human beings are too stupid to think it is true. I was made by Tranglon's on the planet Ceptur about 3 galaxies away. The Tranglon's are much smarter and more developed than humans. The humans are the first living organisms that we have discovered on another planet. Anyways, I was made to spy on humans in California. Not all cats were made in Ceptur, most are actual organisms from Earth. But we do have at least 3 cats in each state of the United States. I am using this 'cuteness' website to contact my other 'cat' friends from Ceptur. We are hoping to completely decimate the planet Earth in the year 2100, but I cant say that for sure.


Cosmo spends the bulk of his day sitting in his bedroom listening to Danzig records and brooding about how to wipe his sister Halcyon off the planet. This extreme anti-activity played a key role for him recently being entered into the Guinness Book of World Records as the only cat in the universe having the same muscle tone as milk-fed veal. When he's not holding a grudge, you will most likely find him pimping himself for cheese crumbs or knocking over various household items so they break. After entering a room, he always shuts the door. He thinks this is funny. His one dream in life is to grow opposable thumbs so he can light stuff on fire.