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cat Names: daegus

Daegus is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Maine Coon

Daegus is my little monkey and rascal. He was adopted from my vet to try and occupy Tristan so he would let me sleep. I saw the flyers when I took Pepper back for a check up after his operation and asked to meet Daegus and his two brothers. Daegus stole my heart when he climbed into my lap right after he was sat down in the examination room. He has really taken to his job and with Adrik they keep tristan running and occupied and have even managed to get him worn out enough to sleep (a true miracle). Also since he moved in I have had fewer days of Tristan walking around crying for Loki. It's been six years yet some day's Trstan remembers and cries. Daegus is rambunctous and playful with a sweet temperment and is full of life.

When Daegus first came home he was affraid of all the space in the house and hid in my guest room. He had spent the first four months of his life locked in a tiny cage at the vets office with his brothers. Now he runs wild up and down the stairs with Tristan and Adrik and loves to climb on his perch, on my bookcases, on top of my kitchen cabinets and on top of the hutch to my computer table. He is a wild and loveble Monkey, who loves to cuddle.

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