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cat Names: dante

Dante is the number 100+ most popular cat name on Is your cat named Dante? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Predominantly a lilac point, like his dad, but seems to be getting some blue markings from mum who was 25% persian blue.


Before we get to the fun stuff, I wanna say this: My Mama rescued me from a bad home. She was my cat-sitter for a few months. We got along so great and she really took good care of me and we had lots of fun. After she found out what happened to me as a kitten, she adopted me. She got me checked out at the vet and got me all sorts of fun toys. My Mama saved me and she knows that if I hadn't come into her life when I did, then we would both be worse off. Now we are happy and have a new fun home. Enjoy the rest of my Bio!!

I love to have fun every minute of the day, between naps. I love to wrestle and play. I love playing in my water dish and splashing water on the floor. I don't like to be held or snuggled. I'm loved by lots of people. I own them. I can also catch flies with one paw and I love boxes. I love attention from the ladies. Meow.