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cat Names: demi

Demi is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Hello, i'm Demi. I was found outdoors in early August 2012 with two broken legs, left front and right rear making it very difficult to get around. The lady who found me took me to Cat Tales rescue where my new humans volunteer. They took me to the rescue vet where my legs were x-rayed and set, then the next day to a surgical vet who repaired my legs. It turned out my front leg was too badly damaged so it was amputated. My rear leg continues to heal and I can't wait to get the splint removed, hopefully soon as it is now making it difficult to get around well. I was also underweight when found but have gained almost a pound and a half since then. After my surgery I was depressed and in pain. I spent most of 3 weeks in the bedroom I stayed in, although it helped in getting my new roomies to know me before I ventured out. After 5 weeks of rest and rehab I am feeling much better, anxious to play with the other kitties here and get into things.....MOL I'm also getting used to functioning on 3 legs, but my humans say I have much spirit and determination and won't be held back by this issue, and they're right! I'm happy to have a secure home and look forward to my Cuteness experience, and my humans will post updates on my condition when I ask them......MOL Thanks for stopping by and glad to meet you all!!