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cat Names: diamond

Diamond is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Well Howdy fellow animal friends!
My name is Diamond ( I got my name because the white spot on my chest was diamond shaped). My owners took me and my brother home in February of 2007. I am a diva. When I walk into a room, lights flash. Just kidding(: I have a girly-girl personality, though I do tend to act tough. My favorite activites include: roaming around the backyard (fenced in of course), chasing my brother, playing with those milk rings that you take off of milk jugs, and sleeping. I also love waking my family up by jumping on their beds, and biting their fingers. Hey, like I said, i'm a diva and I crave attention! My favorite things to eat...well..just about anything. I'm not that picky at all. I have extremely hyper tendencies, and I will run all over the house, nearly knocking people down. I'm not much of a cuddler, but I do have my sweet moments. Overall, I am a great cat with a bubbly personality!


Diamond was a stray found on the side of the highway with his sister in a plastic bag. He was emaciated, full of fleas and very weak. Through all this, he has become the most wonderful gift I could ask for.