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cat Names: duncan

Duncan is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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I am almost 16 years old and have been with my family since the day I was born. In fact, they even saw me being born. They were watching my grandpa for their friends and to make a long store short, I came into their lives. Some of the family like to call me gizmo, so I answer to both.

You can see by the pictures that I like to give high 5's. When I need to get someones attention (like when they are on the computer too long), I lightly pat them on the arm so they know that I need something (like petting). I especially like to give Michael high fives as you can see in the pictures.

I don't really like to be held up high but I do like to cuddle and sleep next to my mom every night. When Anne is watching TV I like to sit right next to her to let her know that she is loved as much as she loves me.

I live with a Chow Chow dog named Kodi who can be a brat at times but I wait until she is asleep and jump on her and try to hold her down by her neck ~ She has such long hair that it is hard.

I LOVE to have my fur brushed but I really don't like it went they try to cut out the glumps in my fur. I love cat nip and get it almost every day because I am such a good cat. My family love me sooo much.

When one of my family (Michelle) was growing up I helped her study. I would sit right next to her or on her papers so they wouldn't blow away. I did this through grade school, then high school. If it wasn't for me I don't think she would have gotten into a great college.

I have a great imagination and even at my old age will chase things in the living room which only I can see.