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cat Names: dusty

Dusty is the number 96 most popular cat name on Is your cat named Dusty? Sign up today and make some new friends!

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Domestic Shorthair

Hi, I'm Dusty...My Mom got me one day when she came into the clinic to get some medicine for her other two cats. My foster Mom, Chris, carried me our front and my Mom asked to hold me. (she was reminded immediately of her first baby, Smokey, who lived to be 16 1/2) Anyway the longer she held me the more I cuddled up to her neck. I was a bitty thing, 2.4 pounds, 10 weeks old. So long story short, I am now a happy, feisty 10 month old, and my Mom's baby boy. From a rough start in life, I have landed in a home where all I get is love, love and more love!!


Dusty is looking for a new home!

Dusty is goofy male cat who mews when he wants food and loves to hear his name.
Often when you call out his name he will make the gestures as if he is rubbing up against your legs.
He loves attention and will graciously accept any other cat he is introduced to.
He is also litter box trained.

If you would like to adopt Dusty please contact Laura via email at:

British Shorthair Black Tipped
American Shorthair
Russian Blue

My name is Dusty...My owner rescued me as a kitten from an animal shelter in Ossipee, NH...I was dropped off there with my brothers as we were all unwanted. She picked me for the fact that as soon as she picked me up, I fell asleep in her hands. Since then I have been very happy, moved around a bit and made lots of friends along the way! I am very cuddly and like to give my Momma kisses and snuggle with her when she's relaxing. I love to sit in the window and talk to the birds, play with my roommates pepsi and snowball, and we terrorize our other roommate JED the dog! He chases us around and we hide on him. He thinks he's a cat but he's too big lol I love my new permanent home and my new daddy and grammy (she feeds me lol) but i'm still a mommas boy!