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cat Names: echo

Echo is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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A spunky black cat who loves to play and eat

American Shorthair

I'm Echo! My friends who rescued me at the Capital Area Humane Society gave me my name. I am odd-eyed with one blue and one green eye. I also happen to be deaf, but I don't mind because I was born that way. I'm a very loving and happy kitty who loves to give kisses. I was rescued from a Walmart parking lot at about 6 weeks old where I was being tortured by people chasing me and throwing things at me. It was very scary! My tail had been broken on the tip, my whiskers above my eyes had been singed and my whiskers on my left cheek had been cut! My mama adopted me from the Capital Area Humane Society when I was about 12 weeks old. I am now big and beautiful and the sweetest cat my family has ever known.