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cat Names: erin

Erin is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Erin came into my home after I lost my two Siamese Babys within one month of each other due to Lymphoma and Kidney Failure. She was adopted from the Arlington Animal Shelter here in Northern Virginia. She has turned out to be a real sweetheart. She hangs with me on the couch, sleeps with me in bed and loves to watch the mouse on the computer screen. She takes great care of her brother and sister Tazbo and Coal.

As time has gone on she has been more aggresive about the bed thing . Being a Polydaykl cat with 6 clawls on each foot. It seems that she thinks she can claw her way in and she thinks it's her's and I guess it is, to a point... I watched this cat pick up a medium size pill bottle with one paw and flip it over like she was showing it to me and than dropped it. She does a lot of wierd things... Erin is always kneeding at the blanket and wants as many deep ear rubes as she can get from me. When thunder comes or a plastic bag gets crumpuled and even sometimes when those Pentagon helicopters fly in real close (you know when you can see there white teeth, read the number off the side and wave to them and they wave back.) She doesn"t care much more that either and runs like Hell. I always know where she is and I pull her out and put her under the blanket and she feels safe again.

Erin was the first cat I adopted after my life long Siamese family with ...Mo, Sarah and Ricky ..left me and I was so glad to welcome her into my house as I had nothing to come home to anymore and she is something else,,,I love her so much as I do my other 2 Coal and Tazbo,,,Please read their Bio's too.. I Love my Cats

On July 22 2009 Erin is sitting in my lap as I type this. Now, anytime anyone comes to the house Erin is in their lap whether she knows them or not. That has always been the way I have raised my pets all my life,, If you come to my place,,, it's understood,,,If you don't like cats you can come in but don't touch the puss. Only Erin will even come up to them, cause that's just how she's been raised.. Love Steve