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cat Names: eva

Eva is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Hello! I was born on a farm type land. It was a farm but there weren't any farm animals, lots of cars and tools and stuff, couple barns. And of course all of us kitties! Our owner Gail liked to have us around and provided us with plenty of shelter and food. Despite living outdoors most of the time we are all very clean and well groomed! I am super soft! At the farm I met my current owner's old kitties. They moved into a no pet apartment and had to give them to Gail (Benji and Wall E) but eventually found out a lot of people have cats anyway :s how confusing! I feel a little bad but I know Benji and Wall E really loved the endless fields and just liked to roam about. The owners came to visit Benji and Wall E one day, and they met me! Unfortunately Benji & Wall E were both out roaming somewhere... they didn't know their owners were coming that day. I immediately took to the little girl, she loved to cuddle with me! So the mom says it's ok if they take one kitty home, and picked me!
I am very happy living indoors but I do miss running in fields! My owners don't want to lose me though! I really like to sit on things including people, paper, clothes and shoes. I am really distractable, anything that moves gets my attention. I also LOVE food especially warm people food and I try to steal their food often.

American Shorthair