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cat Names: eve

Eve is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Domestic Shorthair

Eve is my crazy little gal. She loves beating things up with her hind legs... throw rugs, toy mice, Malibu's head, feather dusters, you name it! She has many random spazzes where she makes this weird alien noise and takes off running with her tail puffed up for no apparent reason. I have to make sure there are no plastic bags around her because she'll eat them! She'll play tug just like a dog and has her own miniature tug toy. She's a little on the chunky side but she's really tiny. And she definitely has a Napoleon complex. She'd be the little kid that'd walk up to the biggest kid on the playground and punch them. She likes to try to get a rise out of our MUCH larger dog. I'm constantly trying to keep her from getting in trouble. She has these big cartoonish eyes that look completely ridiculous when she's scared. She HATES having her nail clipped, she will absolutely scream bloody murder before you've even tried to clip one! She is sooo affectionate and is a major kneader, loves to nibble on your arm and rub against you. She and Malibu are best friends. She's a handful but I love her to pieces.


Eve is the cutest thing ever! She's very affectionate - now that I'm in college, she doesn't get much attention, but when I come home she sleeps on my bed every night. When she's really happy, she drools.