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cat Names: finny

Finny is the number 100+ most popular cat name on

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Maine Coon

*Last update
Finny's life is coming to a close. He won't eat or drink and hides in the closet all day. Today he has been puking up mucus and making horrible meowing sounds. We have decided to relieve him of his suffering and take him to the vet for the last time. He has been a very sweet friend for 4 years and we will miss him terribly. He thanks you all for your cuteness points and kind comments.


I went to the vet today for a checkup. I have kidney problems. but my owners are taking good care of me. I have to have special food and get a needle in my back everyday. + pills
*sigh. it's stressful but it's all worth it. I've got about 2 years.

I'm not like other cats. When my owners first found me I was starving so I ate eggs, bread and tomatoes. It was winter. One person in the family rubbed her eyes when she got near me so they couldn't let me inside. The youngest in the family sat outside with me. I slept on her warm lap. But at last they let me inside cause I'm so cute. Mama, Still rubs her eyes but tolerants it. I love my family! But they do wake me up a lot! I Love to eat squirrels and birds! I sometimes give my family a bird but they throw it out in the woods. I find this very rude! I don't give them presents anymore, and they don't let me go outside anymore either!!!

I hate dogs and other cats! I can't take it when i see my family out playing with a dog!!!! I also hate the Loud thing they use to get dirt off the floor with. It's so scary!!!

The youngest of my family made me a house out of a big box. I has two rooms! I love it!

I love: Raw Cod, Kitty gravey, and hunting!

I hate: Vaccum cleaners, Turkey, Chicken, Anything loud,